Screen printing is a common method that enables us to print graphic designs on tee shirts. There are many different options for screen printing services, but Miami Screen Printers promises to deliver you a product that you can feel proud of.

What are the first steps to get started?

Before we can begin the work of printing your clothes, we first need to decide on a few things. With a preliminary phone call, we will discuss your options and guide you in making the best possible decision for the best possible outcome.

First, we need a high resolution design. It is our recommendation that you let us design it for you.

Our designers have years of experience and have produced thousands of screen printing designs that have retailed for millions of dollars. If the end goal is for you to sell the clothes and turn a profit, your best option is to let us guide you through the process. This way, you will know with certainty that you are getting a high quality product for a low price that you can turn a profit on.

Choosing garments and materials

Don’t sell yourself short on this important step.

The garment that you chose to print your designs on is just as important as printing the design itself.

Tee shirts are a common garment type to screen print on, but there are many different options. Miami Screen Printers works directly with the most respected brands in the country. You can chose American Apparel, Next Level and more.

Once we have decided upon the garment manufacturer, we need to give some thought into the cut and the fit of the design.

Are you making clothes for men or women? What season are you making clothes for? Are your customers athletes? Are you selling to the street wear market? These are all important questions that we need to discuss before getting started.

Shipment and delivery

Most screen printers expect you to pick your product up at their warehouse. As a full service fashion agency, Miami Screen Printers will mail your finished product directly to your doorstep.

Screen printing services in Miami enable you to implement your creative design and turn it into a tangible product that you will feel proud of. The end goal is always to deliver a finished product that our customers love.

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