Custom embroidery gives you the option to stitch designs and graphics on many different types of clothing. This gives a polished and professional look that lasts for years.

Miami has been in need for a production company that knows the ins and outs of embroidery and knows how to guide our customers into getting exactly what they are looking for.

Understanding Miami Embroidery

Although technically embroidery can be done on any type of material, we typically embroider a specific set of clothing types.

  • Polo shirts
  • Flat brim caps
  • Beanies and winter hats
  • Custom made bags or back packs
  • Cooperate event shirts
  • Jackets

What Exactly Is the Embroidery Process?

Our manufacturing deals only with the best and most reliable embroidery machines. This will give you a finished product that will not stretch or become diluted in the wash.

After our initial phone call, we will get information to help us discover your vision. We will work with out in house designers, we will research the best fit and garment for your job and finally we will put the job into production.

The result is always a polished and professional embroidery job that you will feel completely satisfied with.

What services are provided?

We will handle the entire job from beginning to end.

Typically, getting embroidered clothes means researching garment types, finding the materials, creating a design and finally finding a manufacturer.

Our entire business model is designed to automate this process for you. You speak with us an no one else, before you know it you will have high quality embroidered products delivered right to your doorstep.